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The Essential Guide to Automation in Financial Services

A strategic guide to gaining client trust, operational excellence and competitive advantage through financial services automation.

Delivering results across banking processes


15% increase in Net Promoter Score


85% projected reduction in customer onboarding time


28% reduced operational risk


10x faster credit deferral process

Popular banking automation examples

Faster Loan Origination & Onboarding

Set up new customers and accelerate loan services while efficiently managing KYC requirements.

On-demand Credit Decisioning

Modernize risk analysis, decisions and approvals to process applications faster and reduce time to revenue.

Better Compliance & Fraud Prevention

Protect revenue and reputation by connecting systems and identifying threats before they impact your business.

Responsive Customer Engagement

Connect disparate systems to gain 360° customer insights and deliver superior service that wins and retains clients.


Efficient Back Office Operations

Automate payments, transfers, approvals, exceptions and much more to ensure digital efficiency behind the scenes.


Innovative Products & Services

Bring new products and services to market faster to remain competitive or gain first mover advantage.

Transform the way you work

Accelerate innovation and time to market

Leverage customer data to provide personalized customer experiences

Mitigate risk and protect data privacy

Dramatically reduce cost and time

Customer Experience rules the globe in corporate boardrooms, but only a handful convert this strategy into real business operations...Bizagi can simultaneously improve the ‘Big Three’: CX, retention & upsell.”

Lorelei Jensen

Head of Strategic Business Solutions, Old Mutual

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