Low-code is a software development approach that requires minimal or no coding to build applications.

Low-code development platforms eliminate the need for traditional programming and allow professional developers and ‘citizen developers’ (business users with little development experience) to develop applications using ready built components in a drag-and-drop interface rather than writing lines of code. 

An increase in demand for software solutions and a lack of skilled developers has accelerated the adoption of low-code over traditional software development and Gartner predicts that ‘By 2024, low-code application development will be responsible for more than 65% of application development activity.’ 

Discover the value delivered by Bizagi's low-code development platform

Analyst Report

Forrester study finds that Bizagi delivers 288% ROI

The Total Economic Impact™ Of Bizagi’s Low-Code Intelligent Process Automation Platform showcases an average of $33.3M in business benefits over three years.


What are the benefits of a low-code platform?

Increased productivity 

Empowering business users to develop applications without the need for IT support boosts productivity and allows IT departments to reduce backlog and focus on the most important projects. 

Increased agility

The visual interface of a low-code platform allows organizations to develop applications quickly and respond to changes in the market and better meet customer needs.

Faster development

Low-code application development allows professional developers to build process applications faster, plus the visual interface of a low-code platform often enables business users to create applications that meet business needs without having to wait for help from a developer. 

Reduction in development costs

Faster development means lower costs and as low-code platforms allow users without coding experience to build applications, business users can create applications that meet business needs without having to need to hire developers with specialist coding skills. 

Features of Bizagi’s low-code development platform

Coding wizards guide developers through the application development process

Manage a series of on-the-fly activities directly from your Work Portal with the Plans feature

Automate non-complex processes directly from a Web browser using Live Processes

Integrate and extend Bizagi’s capabilities by connecting enterprise systems using our set of ready-to-use Connectors

Publish processes to the target environment automatically with one-click deployment 

Run process applications on any device

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