Transform risk and compliance

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Deliver regulatory compliance and respond faster to change

Automatically update governance checks as regulatory requirements evolve to ensure processes are always up to date.

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Boost your visibility, auditability and internal governance

Monitor change history to increase accountability and easily identify anything out of the ordinary.

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Mitigate risk and protect privacy while reducing costs

Build compliance checks into processes to ensure each step is being executed in accordance with regulation and avoid mistakes and costly fines.

Popular compliance automation examples


Access real-time data to determine which products and services are suitable for individual customers and avoid penalties.


Understand the data used in processes and carry out Data Protection Impact Assessments to ensure secure handling. 

Food Safety

Mitigate risks and preserve product quality to protect brand reputation and avoid penalties.

Choose systems that support and even help you to adopt an agile methodology."

Marianne Stouten,
Global Quality Assurance and Compliance, Cofco International

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