Popular customer experience automation examples

Customer Communications

Unify communications across all channels for an improved customer experience at every touchpoint.

Customer Onboarding

Streamline the onboarding process to reduce customer acquisition costs and promote loyalty from the outset.

Contextualized Experiences

Increase engagement using real-time data to match customer needs and deliver hyper-relevant experiences.

Transform Customer Experience

Boost Net Promoter Score and customer lifetime value

Access customer information and interactions across channels to deliver more relevant experiences and boost satisfaction and loyalty.

Create agility to deliver innovative customer experiences

Easily change processes to keep up with others in the market and win and retain customers.

Orchestrate contextual customer data and compliance

Bring information stored in different systems into one place to gain a single view of the customer and ensure their data is stored safely.

How our customers are transforming customer engagement


Banking group Old Mutual used the Bizagi platform to create a "360 customer view” of the customer and by leveraging this insight and data analytics across all channels saw a decrease in branch wait time and an increase of 30% in point of contact resolution.

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Make your Breakthrough in Customer Engagement

Learn how organizations are connecting systems for a 360-degree view of customers and drawing on contextual data to build first-class experiences.


Customer onboarding: why first impressions count

Discover three steps to first-class customer onboarding.


AI, machine learning and the customer experience

Learn how applied cognitive intelligence can help you to transform your engagement strategy.

Customer Experience rules the globe in corporate boardrooms, but only a handful convert this strategy into real business operations."

Alberto Serfaty

Senior Manager, Performance Improvement, EY

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