Bizagi’s agile process layer wraps around your SAP application to connect SAP business transactions with other applications or processes and deliver real-time access to information directly from the process, or vice versa.

Common SAP integration use cases


  • Manage financial AP/AR processes in Bizagi with SAP updates (postings in SAP include accruals, deferrals, payments, transfers, expenses).
  • Pricing approval processes in Bizagi with updates in SAP.

Master Data

  • Update customers, vendors and G/L accounts in SAP master data.
  • Pull existing business partners from SAP and create new ones.
  • Read/update detailed “Bill of Materials” data.


Sales and marketing

  • Creation of sales documents (order forms, invoices) in Bizagi.
  • Marketing spend management & pricing approvals with SAP updates.


Add value to SAP with Bizagi

Save time and money

Maintaining and upgrading SAP can be a slow and costly process. Bizagi enables you to implement a clean core strategy, With Bizagi you can efficiently update processes in SAP without replicating data, resulting in seamless integration and cost-effective adaptations.

Easily create custom applications

Lack of insight into SAP’s data structures and reliance on IT impedes productive changes. Bizagi’s visual models make setting up touchpoints with the SAP systems easy and empower business users to implement changes.


Optimize mobile views

Access to business information is key to efficiency. The flexibility of Bizagi enables users to work anywhere with optimal displays on any device, while integrating the data back to SAP which may not provide such functionality.


Ensure compliance

Keeping up with regulatory changes requires agility. Running business processes that may change in Bizagi and integrating the data with SAP enables you to make changes more easily than in SAP, ensuring system security and compliance.



Bizagi's Role in SAP Clean Core Strategy

Discover how Bizagi streamlines SAP processes, eliminating unnecessary customizations, and optimizing overall system performance.

Integration options

SAP Business Transformation Platform Connector

The new SAP BT Platform connector uses standardized communication via HTTPS or HTTP connection, using the OData protocol. Our connector also allows you to connect to multiple SAP instances.



SAP Connector (legacy)

The SAP Connector within Bizagi is purpose built for legacy systems, specifically catering to R/3 or ECC versions, employing the Remote Function Call technology (RFC). This connector seamlessly interfaces with SAP’s Business Application Programming (BAPI) functions.

The integration of Bizagi with our ERP system, SAP, was an emotional breakthrough for our organization. We're going to continue to scale."

Kyohei Shimada

Senior Manager, Technology Center, Kyocera

Customers using Bizagi to extend SAP capabilities

Case Study

CBC used Bizagi's SAP Connector to automate customer onboarding and integrate its order process with inventory, product location and production data in SAP to facilitate real-time order management​.

Case Study

DHL integrated Bizagi with SAP to ensure compliant vendor selection and enable audits. During S/4 HANA migration, DHL is avoiding SAP customization by using Bizagi for any custom process and feeding that data into SAP.

Case Study

Unilever uses Bizagi to sync Master Data across multiple instances of SAP enabling a daily refresh of millions of materials and associated data. This ensures pricing information is always up to date.

Case Study

Printer manufacturer Kyocera's pricing approval process for large deals ​runs in Bizagi and integrates with SAP so that special pricing is loaded directly in the ERP, activating the opportunity to purchase and accelerating deal closure.​

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