Simplify the Build Process

Experience Matrix Mockup.png

The Bizagi Experience Matrix:

Enables business users, citizen developers and IT to automatically generate apps.

Ensures governance of all information and activities available to stakeholders.

Reduces complexity by generating apps ready for personalization.

Build Modern Apps in 3 Easy Steps

Generate Experiences Ready for Customization


Create groups of users with similar needs and access based on information requirements, behaviors, goals, preferred work method and responsibilities to determine what elements are shown to which users.

Data/Business Objects

Select the data elements required within the app for each persona to interact with to determine what information each persona will be displayed within the app.



Define the actions each persona can take on the data they have access to.





Choose which internal and external reports each persona can access to provide insightful information relevant to them and the current context within the app.



Process Professor: Deep View of Experience Matrix

Want to see how easy it is to build apps using the Bizagi Experience Matrix? Join the Process Professor to explore how to add and modify, Persona, Business Objects, Interactions, and reports within the Matrix.  

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