Business transformation means improving the end-to-end process. RPA is great for task automation, but it’s a small step towards transformation. In addition, AI has a lot of potential, but you can’t use it effectively unless you have digital business processes and data. Bizagi provides intelligent process automation software that enables you to transform the end-to-end business process, while unlocking the full potential of RPA and AI.

What makes up IPA?

Digital Process Automation

Automation technologies manage the flow of data between humans and robots across the organization.

Robotic Process Automation

Robots perform manual tasks typically undertaken by humans, increasing the speed and accuracy of organizational processes.

Artificial Intelligence

Robots analyze the data and identify patterns, allowing more intelligent and more efficient decision making.

Bizagi’s intelligent process automation capabilities

Handle unstructured data

Process unstructured data to surface actionable insights.


Vendor agnostic RPA integration

Easily integrate your processes with Automation Anywhere, Blue Prism and UiPath.


Utilize AI inside apps

Answer data queries directly inside Bizagi Apps by simply asking our AI-Assistant Ada a question.


Simple and secure integration

Connect systems using native integrations and pre-built connectors, or leverage the tools provided to create your own custom connectors.

We connect a lot of systems together with Bizagi… it’s important to model the process first and then the online platform makes it more user friendly for our customers."

Senior Process Automation Manager, Global Manufacturing and Retail Customer

Customers embracing intelligent process automation with Bizagi



automation rate in Duty VAT Billing process

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increase in efficiency of service time



customer enquiry cases processed through automated workflow

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reduction in supply chain operation costs

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