Bizagi’s governance is built-in at every level. Guardrails in the platform at Application Level, COE Level and Developer level help you enforce quality and security standards, reducing risk and avoiding potential vulnerabilities.

Implement Governance at All Levels


  • Ensure end users only see information and activities they are cleared for​
  • Create personas to define which information and actions are available based on user role and skills​
  • Guarantee GDPR compliance
  • Build curated libraries of components for citizen developer use


  • Support centralized and federated automation centers of excellence
  • Facilitate auditing and visibility with detailed timelines​
  • Build traceability and accountability into processes and components
  • Monitor usage analytics


  • Create profiles to set platform capabilities based on user’s skills​
  • Manage collaboration and approvals
  • Review deployments and changes
  • Implement component-level change control

1 Experience Matrix.jpg

Experience Matrix

Govern end-user access and app behaviour from a single screen to ensure that data and actions are only available to personas with the right permissions.


Developer Profiles

Create different developer profiles (e.g. Developer, Power User, Citizen Developer) to ensure platform features are only available to users with the appropriate level of technical knowledge and each application built meets quality standards.


Bizagi Spark Framework


Bizagi Spark's three-step framework enables organizations to establish best practices during their first implementation and then create a shared services model to replicate this across projects throughout the business to ensure a consistent level of quality.