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How to Transform Your Manufacturing Supply Chain

Learn how to transform your manufacturing supply chain for better efficiency, business agility and compliance.

Transform Manufacturing Processes


Automate to discover efficiency

A stronger focus on supply chain operations and rising costs have highlighted the need for greater efficiency. Automating processes can accelerate tasks while reducing manual work to allow people to do what they do best.

Orchestrate data to unlock agility

Readiness for change is now crucial, yet disparate technologies and rigid ERP systems are often simply too slow and costly to change. Adding a layer of agile process applications enables you to deliver transformation, while orchestrating data across existing technologies.

Connect systems to enhance visibility

Documenting your processes and turning them into automated applications provides clarity to employees along with transparency into the systems and data to show where your risks and bottlenecks are.

Automating Data Updates at Unilever International

Bizagi Automation in Manufacturing

Vendor Onboarding and Management

Orchestrate systems and data for a seamless onboarding experience and full visibility of ongoing relationships and dependencies.

Order Management

Gain greater visibility across systems for accurate order management with automated actions that ensure efficiency.

Master Data Management

Automatically update systems with real-time data to reflect a single source of truth.

Logistics, Shipping and Distribution

Streamline processes to increase efficiency and consistency across operations from the warehouse to customer delivery.

Quality Management

Automate quality checks to ensure business output consistently meets quality standards, industry regulations and customer expectations.

Customer Service

Access relevant data to enable effective customer communications at each stage of the order process.

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