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Millions of people in thousands of organizations have used Bizagi to improve processes. Today, this platform offers the most powerful set of features on the market. Our platform enables you to increase efficiency and reduce costs by optimizing and automating processes that orchestrate your people, systems, bots and data.

Automate your processes in 7 simple steps


Our low-code interface makes it easier to transform and automate any enterprise process.

Build powerful forms to collect information and initiate action

Integrate systems using intelligent and agile business rules

Orchestrate data, people, and bots across the enterprise

Unlock efficiencies across the enterprise

Transform human-centric work

Process automation can transform productivity by intelligently organizing the work of different individuals and teams across the enterprise.

Ensure governance & compliance

Enable internal governance and compliance with external regulations, protecting your organization from fines and reputational damage.

Enable cloud agility & performance

Our process automation platform provides a powerful infrastructure that leverages the stability, agility and performance of Microsoft Azure.

Deliver end-to-end orchestration

The ever growing complexity of the enterprise means that every organization needs to orchestrate people, systems, bots and data in order to compete.

Modern apps powered by process

Interested in process improvement?


Uncover optimization opportunities by gaining insight into how your business processes really work.

Map out each step in your processes

Generate BPMN diagrams based on event logs

Run “what-if” scenarios to test different solutions

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