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weeks to deliver first application


Greater business intelligence

Administering $29B in assets across 171 different funds, the global Top 15 Hedge Fund Administrator looked to Bizagi to digitize its financial processes for better operational efficiency.

They successfully automated the complex, paper-based financial transfers movement review and approval transfers process in just six weeks, meeting compliance requirements and generating new valuable insights across the organization.

Bizagi is user friendly, intuitive, easy to navigate… providing full transparency to the cash process"


  •  Digitize financial processes for operational efficiency
  •  Standardize operations to reduce complexity
  •  Create robust processes to ensure regulatory compliance
  •  Increase visibility of the organization’s data to discover important insights
  •  Establish a culture of continuous digital improvement and automation


  •  Critical cross-functional process digitized for greater business intelligence
  •  First digital process application delivered in just 6 weeks
  •  Agile methodology established in team for continuous development
  •  Positive user adoption and feedback across teams
  •  Created a digital process Center of Excellence (CoE) for ongoing progress and named Bizagi Operational Support Services (BOSS)