Discover How Your Processes Really Work

Understanding processes is key to business performance. Bizagi's Process Mining capabilities allow you to extract information from your systems and gain insight into how your processes are performing against the initial process definition.

How Process Discovery Works

Automatically generate BPMN standard process models based on event logs. 

Illustration of process model in Bizagi Modeler

Set the level of detail displayed in your model and analyze each step to identify improvement opportunities.

Illustration of process simulation in Bizagi Modeler

Import your final model and run simulations to identify the best version of the process.

Benefits of Process Mining

Increase transparency 

Gain visibility into how your processes are being executed and review the resources being used at each step. 



Increase efficiency and reduce costs 

Identify and address inefficiencies and bottlenecks slowing your processes to boost productivity and make cost savings.

Enhance the customer experience 

Optimize processes across the customer journey to meet customer expectations more effectively, make more sales and reduce churn.


compliance (1).png

Improve compliance 

Check each process activity is being performed according to the defined standards to ensure compliance.