• Ministry of Housing, City and Territory of Colombia
  • Ministry of Housing, City and Territory of Colombia
  • Public Sector
  • Colombia


rural water service providers trained


implementation time in 10 days

2 million+

residents in rural areas benefited

The Colombian government needed to launch an unprecedented initiative to support rural families who were economically affected by COVID-19. The aim was to provide a subsidy to allow rural sectors of the country to pay for water services. 

Given the state of emergency posed by the pandemic, the subsidy needed to be rolled out as quickly as possible, supported by digitization and process automation for the application, approval and authorization of the payments to the water service provider.  This solution was deployed in a record time of 10 days and will benefit more than 2 million inhabitants in rural areas.  

For the first time in the history of Colombia, rural and community aqueducts have subsidies from the National Government. We have trained more than 1,700 rural providers and we hope to close August with more than 500,000 citizens benefited"

Jonathan Malagón González

Minister of Housing, City and Territory of Colombia


  • Rapidly create subsidy process in response to COVID-19
  • Enable monitoring of approval and management for subsidy payments
  • Create transparency across the resource approval management


  •  Solution implemented in 10 days
  •  Agile implementation with the National Government in a state of emergency due to COVID-19
  •  1,700 rural water services providers trained
  •  Process fully integrated with document management system