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Over 300

processes documented


Established BPM team

Tecpetrol needed a way to document business processes in a standardized fashion to help replicate successful projects while ensuring compliance and efficiency. This was particularly important for onsite workers based at drill sites and oil & gas processing facilities who needed clarity to ensure safety and protect the local environment. 

Tecpetrol established a BPM team to lead the project and used Bizagi to successfully document over 300 business processes across 10 departments in the space of a year. All processes are stored in a central web repository, offering transparency across the business and improving overall efficiency and environmental care.

Once all processes were captured, they established a culture of continuous improvement by using process models as a baseline and to identify bottlenecks and areas for improvement. 

Bizagi became a tool to communicate processes, improve and reengineer. During the shift in focus from documentation to improvement, Bizagi was instrumental."

Manuel Caride

Process Management Project Engineer


  • Document business processes in standardized manner
  • Capture knowledge only known to project managers
  • Enable workers to access process information 
  • Create clarity and ensure compliance for onsite workers
  • Use processes to improve efficiency across business


  • Over 300 processes documented and stored in web repository 
  • Visibility and transparency across business processes
  • Clarity for onsite workers in high-risk scenarios
  • Established culture of continuous improvement, led by BPM team
  • Ensure compliance and effectively manage risk 
  • Improved overall efficiency and environmental care