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cash movements completed per year


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error-free across critical workflows


weeks to deliver first application

The largest private hedge fund manager in the US, Stone Coast Fund Services was looking to digitize and automate its business processes for better operational efficiency. They handle multi-million dollar cash transfers on a daily basis and needed visibility and auditability over transactions and operations of $100 billion in assets under management. Up until 2016, their transactional cases were carried out over email or on paper which made it hard to see work in-flight. They needed to create a new way of working to make it easier to meet investment deadlines and effectively manage their clients’ portfolios.

Stone Coast deployed their first process in Bizagi in just six weeks, and over the course of seven years have scaled the platform to create workflows for 80 core business processes. Bizagi is now used by every department in the organization and has become their second most critical application behind their core fund accounting system.
The platform gives them real-time visibility over cash movements and capital activity, making employees accountable and ensuring they always meet deadlines. Using Bizagi, they automated email ingestion so that clients’ requests are launched as new cases directly in the Bizagi platform. Additionally, Bizagi automatically generates audit trails for Stone Coast, making it easy for them to prove compliance on their annual audit.


Stone Coast Fund Services' Digital Transformation Journey with Bizagi

Discover how the largest private hedge fund manager in the US leveraged Bizagi over a seven-year digital transformation journey to transform critical workflows.

Bizagi has become our second most critical application. Obviously, we have a core fund accounting system, but in support of that, Bizagi really is critical to how we support our organization as well as our clients and investors."

Justin Wood,

Senior Manager - Technology


  •  Digitize paper-based financial operations
  •  Increase transparency of the organization’s data to see work in-flight
  •  Provide efficient and high-quality interactions with clients
  •  Connect data for better decision-making
  •  Standardize operations to reduce complexity
  •  Create robust processes to ensure regulatory compliance


  • All documents digitized with automated email ingestion to centralize data
  • Real-time visibility of case progress through workflows and dashboards
  • Data visualized through PowerBI via Bizagi
  • Timely and 99.9% error-free delivery of services to customer
  • Predefined workflows and automation for risk mitigation
  • Integrated with Sharepoint and finance management apps to manage highly-sensitive data