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processes automated in 9 months

28 million

activities performed each month

'Think big' was the approach at Colpensiones, the Colombian pension management organization. Bizagi successfully designed and implemented a brand new entity from a process perspective. 

This large scale initiative enabled 120+ business processes to be automated ina record 9 months, generating speed, agility and service levels never seen before in the country's pension system.

It’s important to choose systems that support and even help you to adopt an agile methodology.'



  • Implement agile and efficient process management for the newly created Colombian state pension system
  • Transform the system from paper-based to process-oriented and paperless
  • Improve the customer experience and become a financially viable entity​
  • Standardize processes to improve customer service and remove backlog of 84,000 lawsuits and 100,000 complaints
  • Reduce costs through centralized processes measured and controlled by KPIs​


  • 118 processes supporting workflows went live in 9 months to administer the contributions of 6.5 m citizens​
  • 28 million activities and 1 million payments performed each month
  • Substantial reduction in operating costs
  • Real-time, accurate information provided to 92 offices in 49 cities
  • Delivery of high performance, transparent and customer-centric service