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4 million

homes connected by 2029


core processes managed in Bizagi

GlasfaserPlus is an initiative by Deutsche Telekom to deliver open access fiberroptic broadband to rural Germany, with the target of rolling out high speed internet access to 4 million homes by 2029. Working with over 20 different partners, GlasfaserPlus needed a way to effectively manage the entire project end-to-end. GlasfaserPlus is responsible for everything from the initial mapping and assessment of areas throughout Germany, to digging up the land and installing the cable, and ultimately connecting the lines in individual homes. 

The Bizagi platform is being used to automate key processes as just 120 people are responsible for up to 600 different daily projects happening in the field. Bizagi acts a single version of the truth, interfacing with various systems to analyse data from external databases and enabling critical milestone management. Everything is managed in the platform, including the go-to-market plan, tendering companies for the installation of the cable, and getting approvals from local municipalities.

“We cannot work with paper. We cannot work with Excel sheets. It has to be an automated process, from surveying the area all the way to sending out the last invoice for the guys who come to switch on the fiber. And that's where Bizagi comes in.”

Henk Van Es

Head of IT


  • Project manage mass fiberoptic internet installation across rural Germany
  • Integrate multiple data points
  • Provide overview and reports of project
  • Automate processes for effective management from small team
  • Documentation of work to adhere with government rules
  • Enable agile development as project advances


  • 700,000 homes connected in first year
  • Single point of reference for all information
  • Integration with PowerBI for effective reporting
  • Process automation for efficiency
  • Automated audit trails and process tracking
  • Ability to continually optimize processes