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The international oil & gas exploration and production company was saturated in paper documents and inefficient processes, particularly their cumbersome approval processes which were carried out over email. They were looking to digitize and automate processes to enable visibility and ensure compliance: something that is very important in the oil industry which has strict regulations.  

Using Bizagi’s low-code platform, they were able to eliminate paper documents wherever possible and create a centralized collaboration portal for document sharing and improved decision making. They have optimized multiple oil and gas processes across the business, helping to save $300,000 per year as approvals can now be made in one day when they previously took up to two months.  

“It gives us a single place of truth and we have clear metrics of everything that is managed in Bizagi. It has been going great so far and I would recommend Bizagi to anyone.” 


IT RPA & Integrations


  • Bring visibility to business processes through automation
  • Optimize approvals carried out over email
  • Improve decision making ability
  • Enable data analysis
  • Ensure compliance and auditing capabilities
  • Decrease reliance on complex code to fix issues


  • Increased frequency of land approvals to save $85,500 per year
  • Approval automation saved $300,000 per year, by reducing from two months to one day
  • Improved decision-making with centralized collaboration portal
  • Delivered compliant way of working, including improved audit trail
  • Created dynamic approval process
  • Low-code approach to automation