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reduction in operational supply chain costs


days to deliver new workflows with reusable assets


reduction in factory onboarding time


faster contract approval cycle

A global leader in the sportswear market, adidas needs to be leading the race when it comes to supply chain management. The sheer scale of work for their global operations team was becoming unmanageable. Tasks such as onboarding new factories and purchase order management were completed on an ad-hoc basis over emails, spreadsheets and SharePoint. The supply chain support desk alone handled over 100,000 email communication threads at any given time.

adidas created an automated solution to streamline supply chain operations, connecting 500 adidas sales organizations with over 400 factories. Workflows were developed in Bizagi to standardize case handling across the organization. Bizagi can directly pull information from SAP and provide end-to-end visibility, which has reduced the factory onboarding process from four months to just 40 days. The PO team has been reduced by 66% to 16 people, and now processes over 70,000 cases per year. The supply chain support desk no longer relies on emails, and instead has a centralized view of all support tickets through the Bizagi platform.

“I am very satisfied with Bizagi as a back-end solution. The tool is fast and gives us opportunity to integrate with other systems within our company creating a very good network for business plus reducing workload for countries”

Manager of Finance Consumer Direct


  • Enhance and automate workflows across worldwide operations
  • Glue process gaps across eCommerce, marketing, finance and retail
  • Enable core system integration, including SAP and Sharepoint
  • Reduce reliance on email chains for resolving support requests
  • Optimize lengthy, untraceable factory and vendor onboarding process
  • Shorten authorization for Sport Assets contracts
  • Eliminate manual and inefficient coordination of PO change discussions
  • Provide agile way of working to deliver project efficiently


  • Integration provides visibility of documents and enables flow of data between departments
  • New factory onboarding time reduced by 50%
  • Operational cost of supply chain reduced by 60%
  • 100,000 emails per year eliminated due to integration in supply chain
  • Sports asset contract approval cycle reduced by 88% from 1-2 months to just one week
  • PO team headcount reduced by two-thirds
  • 3 days to deliver new approval workflows by assembling reusable assets
  • 23 workflow projects delivered in 2 years