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faster spare parts order process


parts automatically validated in 5 minutes


reduction in employee manual effort


cases created per week

A globally-renowned multinational aerospace and defense company, was looking to upgrade its legacy ERP system and transform its complex underlying IT architecture. They wanted to establish a central, secure repository of information while optimizing business processes. Due to the nature of their industry, they had a very specific set of requirements and needed to create a customized solution that would meet their high regulatory standards. Their solution was to combine their legacy ERP and Bizagi, avoiding ERP customisation by using Bizagi to run the processes and integrate the data.

Bizagi enabled legacy applications to pass and receive information from the ERP system to over 150 satellite applications. This enhanced the functionality of the system, provided an authorization layer, and has eliminated manual tasks so individuals can spend more time applying their knowledge and adding value to the business. This has seen a 2.5x reduction in overall manual effort and transformed processes across procurement, finance, manufacturing, maintenance, and supply. The spare parts order process has seen particular success, with 300 parts automatically validated in five minutes, making the process 720x faster.

We can’t make planes without Bizagi."


  • Replace legacy ERP to create single system of record for easy audit and accessibility
  • Automate spare parts order process, averaging four hours to check 20 parts
  • Free up time of employees who have to manually enter data into multiple systems
  • Transform core operational capabilities across procurement, finance, manufacturing, maintenance & supply
  • Reduce duplicate case issues to improve system performance


  • Established new, custom centralized solution combining ERP and Bizagi
  • 2.5x reduction in overall manual effort
  • Spare parts order now 720x faster with 300 parts automatically validated in 5 minutes
  • Ability to react quicker, be more cost effective and reduce overheads
  • Single source of information provides more accurate decision making and audit compliance
  • 50% of cases identified as duplicates removed to improve system performance
  • 250,000 cases created per week in Bizagi across purchasing and stock management