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minutes to provide new customer with a credit card


minutes to capture new customer information

Financial company ACSA was looking to speed up its credit card application process, which was taking over two weeks from the moment that customers filled out a paper form in-branch until they had their credit limit set and new card sent to them to use.

Automating the credit card application process has reduced the time that it takes to approve credit limits to under 30 minutes from completing application through to physical credit card in the hands of the customer. ACSA has combined this with on-site embossing machines so customers can get their new credit cards, ready to use, on-the-spot.

Now the process has been automated… if you satisfy our judgement criteria, you will get a credit card to use within 30 minutes. This is compared to over two weeks before automation with Bizagi.”

Tony Fung



  •  Speed up approval process, currently takes one week (part of total process of over two weeks)
  •  Provide customers with on-the-spot credit cards
  •  Improve accuracy of capturing customer information at source
  •  Reduce large amounts of paper involved in the process
  •  Reduce manual work for employees to make them more productive


  • 5 minutes to capture new customer information
  •  Using tablets to capture customer information improved accuracy
  •  Under 30 minutes to capture new customer details, approve credit limit and print new credit card
  •  Digitized process to eliminate paper, saving time and money
  •  Staff save time by eliminating need to manually enter details into system
  •  Re-used credit card approval process for ‘no-show’ loan via mobile app. Unsecured loans applied for, decisioned, and fulfilled within minutes