Transform the way you work

Access requisitions, orders, purchases, and payment information in a centralized repository

Collect accurate, real-time data to make better informed purchasing decisions

Increase transparency to ensure compliance and mitigate risk

Ensure supply chain resiliency

Delivering results across procurement management

87% faster contract approval cycle

Supplier portal used by over 400 global suppliers

Delivered cost savings in 10 weeks

Discover Bizagi’s Procurement Accelerator

To make it even easier to automate your procurement operations quickly, Bizagi offers an accelerator designed to act as a basis for your procurement function that can be easily customised according to your needs. The solution covers three key areas:

RFX Management

  • Create and manage custom RFI, RFQ and RFP processes
  • Automatically manage participant communications and timelines
  • Provide end-to-end visibility for stakeholders

Vendor Evaluation

  • Streamline vendor evaluations
  • Automatically manage and audit vendor communications & timelines
  • Provide a seamless and automated vendor onboarding experience

Contract Management

  • Contracts can easily be created, managed, and audited
  • Create custom contract approval requests and flows
  • Provide transparency for internal and external stakeholders


The Strategic Guide to Supply Chain Automation for Manufacturing & Retail

Gain insight into streamlining operations and improving customer experience and profitability.

Rapidly Create Modern Apps

button-32x-teal.svg Intuitive

Easy to use interface for every type of user regardless of technical knowledge.

energize-32x-teal.svg Powerful

Automate simple workflows through to end-to-end processes.

system-integration-32x-teal.svg Unifying

Bring together business and IT in fusion teams to create apps for orchestration.

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