Future-proof framework that guarantees your ability to change as your processes change.

Integrate our Government Cloud platform with existing systems seamlessly.

Automate your entire process workflow for greater efficiency and performance.

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Discover Bizagi's Acquisition Management Solutions

Supplier Portal

Use the vendor portal to track and catalog submissions to RFxs, notify vendors of awards, and centralize other communications or amendments along the way.

Source Selection

Manage access, routing, assessment and sign off from relevant parties of the source selection process providing the audit trail to ensure compliance.

Acquisition System Integration

Integrate and orchestrate your existing systems, from eBuy to DocuSign, Sam.gov, and beyond, to save your staff time and create transparency across systems.

Contract Validation

Assign parties to look at specific clauses or use Bizagi’s robust APIs to call in any outside validation tools and see the results in one easy-to-use dashboard. 

Transforming Organizations

Success Story

Acquisition Management at GSA

GSA replaced over 70 acquisition management solutions with Bizagi’s Contract and Acquisition Lifecycle Management (CALM) system to streamline and standardize across numerous programs.

Simplifying Acquisition Management

Easy Orchestration

Connect and integrate with virtually any RPA, API, or application on the market today.

End-to-end Visibility

Gain full transparency at all stages for actionable insights that improve business processes, long-term planning, and strategic decision making.

Full Audit Trail

Review the state of your business through secure, well-documented transactions that let you stay ahead of problems before they can impact your business.

Complete Compliance

Keeping accurate records is critical to meeting compliance demands so we’re here to help you stay ahead of that complex and ever-changing landscape.