The citizen developer revolution is here! But there are so many questions to ask and answer before signing up.  In this eight-part video series, Sandy Kemsley of Column 2 will talk with different guests who have already answered the call for radical organizational change to explore the topics that will help you navigate your own citizen developer revolution. 

Viva la revolución.  

Upcoming sessions

We start out simple and start exploring more complex themes as we move along.

  • What are good projects for Citizen Developers?
  • Why set up a formal Citizen Developer program?
  • How do you train and upskill Citizen Developers?
  • How do you govern Citizen Developers and still gain the benefits?
  • How do you build successful fusion teams with Citizen Developers and IT? 

Recent Sessions

December 2021

What is the best way to find Citizen Developers?

Join Sandy and Bizagi’s Gloria Diaz to find out ways to identify Citizen Developers internally and ow you find Citizen Developers in the line of business and in IT.

November 2021

What Makes a Good Citizen Developer?

Sandy and Rachel Brennan will go over the important traits of a good citizen developer and what is important in the environment of a citizen developer.

November 2021

What exactly is a Citizen Developer?

Sandy is joined by Rachel Brennan, VP of Product Marketing at Bizagi to help level set what a Citizen Developer is.