• One of the World's Largest Coal Mines
  • One of the World's Largest Coal Mines
  • Utilities & Energy
  • Colombia


Reduction of invoicing cycle


Consolidation of information and processes

Latin America’s largest open-pit coal mine has multiple stakeholders, plus multiple operations, including a coal mine, a railroad and a seaport, not to mention local regulation to meet. Profiting from the commercialization of coal is a complex operation.

Bizagi was chosen to orchestrate and control the massive transactional volumes taking place between the company's commercial offices, logistics and finance operations. Today, customers can expect a seamless sales experience – from the moment they place an order to its receipt.

The solution that we implemented is a system in its maximum expression, where the people, the technology and other aspects are integrated, such as: legislation, companies, legal vehicles, currencies among others. Bizagi coordinates and orchestrates all these players and concepts from when the client orders the coal until it is received.”

Productivity and Technology Manager


  •  Increase the ability and control of the coal sales process
  •  Integrate all areas involved: sales, foreign trade, logistics and finance
  •  Provide robust support for the conciliation of payments and collections
  •  Streamline workflows across geographies and stakeholders at multiple levels
  •  Embed secure electronic handling for sensitive commercial data


  •  Increase in business process agility, integration and visibility
  •  Reduction of the invoicing cycle
  •  Greater consolidation of information and processes
  •  Reduction in errors across large volumes of annual sales information
  •  Lower risk of non-compliance through electronic document handling
  •  Decision makers kept informed via easy to use reporting interface