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reduction in time to create new employee ID


minutes to complete new starter form

Global facilities management maintenance services company OCS Group, who have 85,000 employees globally, were looking to better manage their HR processes.

Given the nature of their industry with a high volume of short-term contracts for cleaning and security roles, high turnover is often a challenge. With an average of 700 new starters and leavers per month in their UK business alone, automating the manual process would represent significant operational improvement for their 18,000 employees in the UK.

Their in-house Bizagi developer team has delivered the first of several HR processes, using Bizagi Automation Services to reduce the time it takes to create a new employee ID from an average of two weeks down to just 24 hours.

This enables staff to be paid immediately, which has made OCS more favourable to candidates over competitor groups. Automating the process has increased the accuracy of data entry and efficiency for staff. A multi-form process that used to take up to three days can now be completed in as little as five minutes with a single upload.

Our first project in Bizagi has been a success. Once you have a process in Bizagi, it allows you to track and monitor that process and ability to see where the bottlenecks are and where improvements can be made. It’s a continual improvement piece."

Darran King

Head of Solutions Architecture


  • Optimize new starter process, which was taking two weeks to generate new employee ID
  • Free-up employee time by making onboarding form-filling process more efficient
  • Decrease rate of error when uploading employee data
  • Create transparency of employee data across 700 new starters per month
  • Identify opportunities for improvement in process


  • 93% reduction in time to create new employee ID
  • Replaced multiple data entry points with a single form taking 5 minutes to complete
  • Automated upload of data eliminates risk of error
  • Workflow in Bizagi provides clear overview of employee data
  • Visibility has helped to identify bottlenecks in the process for improvement