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The Northwest Regional Capital Planning group of a large American Healthcare Consortium wanted to automate their previously completely manual approval process in the hope of making the process less labor-intensive and reducing the time it took to gain approval on business cases. They had to share information over Excel spreadsheets, with multiple versions often in circulation and difficulty in compiling all documentation for each business case to attain the appropriate signatures. This frequently led to bottlenecks and a lack of visibility.  

Working with implementation partner, InnoVelocity, the group structured the complex capital planning and approval process, with variable approval routes based on business rules. The approval time was significantly reduced by enabling executives to easily review and approve requests from within emails. E-forms were created to share data for reporting and eliminate data duplication. Authorization, reviews and documentation changes are all documented as part of an automated audit trail, with all attached documents automatically merged into a controlled PDF.  

"The Bizagi business process management software has allowed us to streamline our capital approval workflow that was previously a highly complex and time-consuming effort to administer, manage and monitor manually… it has allowed us to track capital projects on an ongoing basis as stakeholders complete their milestones and actions toward leadership approval."  

Systems Coordinator,

Regional Capital Planning


  • Speed up cumbersome, manual capital review and approval process
  • Eliminate reliance on Excel spreadsheets and manual tasks
  • Enable proper document management and version control
  • Provide visibility of process and eliminate bottlenecks
  • Ensure compliance and consistent documented support


  • Significantly sped up approval process with automation and document management
  • Increased visibility for approvals, reviews, documentation, and status
  • Standardized process to ensure the requirements are met for every request
  • Review and approval of requests sped up by ability to approve requests from within emails
  • Automated audit trail and merging of attached documents into controlled PDF
  • Centralized storage of files to eliminate duplication efforts by multiple departments.