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elimination of spreadsheet use


weeks early on workflow delivery

One of the most profitable oil and gas producers in the industry decided to embark on a business process improvement program to optimize performance in two key areas: well optimization, and compressor maintenance.

Now, the organization has one flexible platform to track and troubleshoot service jobs, ensuring that repairs are correctly recorded, communicated and resolved. Real-time job breakdowns deliver true visibility of costs, keeping budgets tightly on track.

The company’s process owners were so committed. Not only did they take the Bizagi training, they documented it for the business. This created internal standards, which really helped drive the project forward."

Gloria Maritza Diaz

Bizagi Product Trainer


  • Deliver end-to-end process to ensure consistent job proposal and tracking
  •  Communicate tasks assigned to engineers in real-time
  •  Deliver detailed and accurate job costing information to managers
  •  Promote agile decision-making when costs reaching % of budget
  •  Provide a central store of historical job-related information
  •  Implement process to measure performance of key assets (compressors)


  • Well Optimization and Troubleshooting workflow delivered 5 weeks early
  •  Simple, efficient workflow ensures steps are easy to assign and track
  •  Integration with external systems delivers real-time financial information
  •  Ability to see when projects are nearing budget and take early action
  •  Spreadsheets eliminated; all job costs calculated consistently
  •  Ability to analyse capacity of critical equipment and evaluate performance