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Cloud-first approach for fast deployment

One of the world’s largest chemical producers needed to implement new processes across the organization and migrate workflows from their legacy systems, including Lotus Notes, onto one central platform. This needed to be done in a fast, cost-effective manner while also providing the flexibility to connect with systems including SAP, Sharepoint and SQL databases. 

Using a Center of Excellence (CoE), over 35 processes have now been implemented throughout the business, with over up to 8,000 cases a month created in Bizagi. Taking a cloud-native approach provided both speed and flexibility, while Live Processes on the low-code platform were used in the company’s citizen development initiative, so business users could either  prototype workflows prior to build or implement simple workflows on their own. Using Bizagi as a central platform, they gained complete transparency over all workflows and gained the additional advantage of process optimization through Bizagi’s reporting and analytics. 

The process modeler is always appreciated, so that users can already create a baseline when they have an idea about the process flow."

Product Manager

Business Workflows


  • Implement new workflows across the divisions in the organizations
  • Replace legacy Lotus Notes system
  • Integrate with systems including SAP, Sharepoint and SQL databases
  • Provide transparency across processes
  • Eliminate reliance on email and attached documents to complete processes
  • Streamline workflows to save time 
  • Invoke one central place for user’s workflows


  • 35 processes launched including procurement, building and construction, shopping chemicals and document approval
  • 70,000 cases created in Bizagi, up to 8,000 per month
  • Cloud-first approach for speed and flexibility when deploying new processes
  • Live processes and low-code platform used to support citizen developer program
  • Process mapping provides end-to-end process transparency
  • Use analytics and reports help to drive process optimization