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faster permit processing

Half the population of the Cayman workforce is a transient workforce, so they need a work permit to attain residency, which is where the Workforce Opportunities & Residency Cayman (WORC) comes in. They must ensure the private sector has the workforce it needs to keep the economy profitable, while still providing opportunities for native Caymanians. WORC are redesigning how employment and workforce development in the Cayman Islands is managed. This involves finding the best way to conduct evaluation for the residency and work application programs.  

Bizagi being used as orchestration layer to integrate multiple disparate systems, such as border control, national ID, content management systems. This integration has led to an entire restructuring of business processes across the government, and even led to amends in some employment laws.  

Bizagi is also ensuring all operations are compatible with mobile platforms to enable to best customer service to work applicants who may not have access to computers. Additionally, WORC are automating manual tasks where possible to boost productivity. They are beginning with 16 processes, including job matching, job referrals, work permit applications and permanent residency. 

The ultimate goal is to get local Caymanian people hired before businesses reach out to others. This will lower the local unemployment rate and reduce government benefit hand-outs. 

“This is a major change, we have reviewed all the business processes, we re-engineered the entire organization and global structure. We have even changed the laws to support the initiative.” 

Vinton Chinsee,

CFO for Ministry of Employment & Border Control


  • Streamline process of evaluating residency and work application programs
  • Automate process to boost productivity and better serve Cayman residents
  • Lower national unemployment rate by ensuring that jobs are posted through the portal and go to residents
  • Connect disparate legacy systems to provide centralized, secure portal
  • Ensure compliance and security for storing citizen data


  • 12x faster automated permit processing to reduce time from 2 months to 5 days
  • Mobile & SMS application provides more job opportunities
  • Supporting government mandate to increase job opportunities through centralized and standardized jobs marketplace
  • Connected disparate systems to deliver seamless customer experience
  • Secure data communication provided by Bizagi rules engine