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Wednesday, September 20th at 11:00 a.m. EST or 4:00 p.m. GMT or 5:00 p.m. CET

Reduce testing time with Bizagi Auto testing by Kevin Guerrero

During process automation, it is essential to perform test cycles to ensure that the different paths of a process are performing as expected. However, this task can consume a lot of time and resources and, therefore, is not done as rigorously as it should be.  

In this live session, Bizagi's Process Professor, Kevin Guerrero, will present Bizagi's Auto testing tool that facilitates the execution of these tests, improving resource use and reducing time. 

Join Kevin in this session and learn:


The importance of testing your processes.


What is Auto-testing? 


How to use Bizagi's Auto-testing to improve your tests.

What's in a session?


1 step

20 min

Topic talk

Topic Overview

Introduction to the session topic from the Process Professor.


2 step

10 min

Topic talk

Live Demonstration

Short demo of the Bizagi platform in relation to the session topic.


3 step

20 min

Topic talk


Attendees will be able to ask questions about ANY Bizagi topic.

Recent Sessions

August 2023

Empower your Apps with Business intelligence with Bizagi

In this session, we will highlight how business intelligence allows managers and knowledge workers to access dynamic dashboards from external reporting tools. One of the most significant benefits of Bizagi Apps is the capability to surface valuable insights and provide meaningful information to enhance decisions using business intelligence tools like Power BI.  

July 2023

New Methodology to Create Apps with Bizagi

In this session, we will explore the new methodology developed by Bizagi to create Modern Apps Powered by Process. Bizagi Apps is the easiest way to create robust enterprise apps with built-in governance. New features have been included in the platform with the release of the latest version Bizagi Spring 2023. To take full advantage of this version, we must also learn the steps suggested by our new methodology to accelerate the building of applications. 

June 2023

Bizagi Spring 2023- deep view of App Designer and App Launcher

In this session, we will explore the step number 2. The Bizagi App Designer is a web-based UI/UX configuration environment that allows you to create an app from scratch or customize a base Bizagi app generated by the Experience Matrix. From the App Designer, you can create as many personalized and customized experiences for different users in your application and then publish and organize them in the App Launcher.