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June 2024

Bizagi Spring 2024 – Deep view of new features

In this session, we will explore new features from Bizagi Spring 2024 like Form actions, Rules actions, Ada dashboards, the new table control, Tableau integration, Rules Change History, and multiple self-service and usability improvements, transforming how you create Modern Apps with Bizagi. 

May 2024

Unveiling the Future Bizagi Spring 2024 Release

During this session, we will be presenting Bizagi Spring 2024, our latest platform version. Discover the new Bizagi AI Agents, designed to automate tasks, enhance efficiency, and improve user experiences. Key features include the Prompt Assistant creator for easy agent setup and one-click testing, and you can use them seamlessly within your processes. Enhancements to Ask Ada offer advanced dashboards and effortless data export to Excel. Explore Bizagi Apps with new controls, layouts, Tableau integration, and improved rules and forms actions. Additionally, the new file-based trigger simplifies case creation by replacing bot tasks for document ingestion and updating cases directly within Bizagi. 

April 2024

Bizagi's Role in SAP Clean Core Strategy

Discover how Bizagi's out-of-the-box connectors are the foundation for seamless integration within SAP environments, aligning perfectly with SAP's advocated "Clean Core" strategy. We'll explore the details of Bizagi's solutions and their role in streamlining SAP processes, eliminating unnecessary customizations, and optimizing overall system performance. 

March 2024

Unlocking Business Productivity with Ada

In the first session of Bizagi Pulse, we are delighted to introduce Ada, Bizagi's AI assistant. Ada serves as your personal assistant, enabling you to inquire about your business effortlessly using natural language. Ada's immediate responses and tailored actions based on persona and context skyrocket business productivity. This self-service capability empowers end users to unlock invaluable business insights with ease. 

November 2023

Bizagi Look into our Fall Release 2023

During this session, we are excited to unveil the highlights of our Fall 2023 release, revealing Bizagi's innovative AI strategy. One of the key breakthroughs we'll be showcasing is our revolutionary AI assistant, "Ask Ada." This powerful tool harnesses the capabilities of artificial intelligence to unlock the full potential of application data, all while maintaining rigorous data governance standards. With "Ask Ada," you gain unprecedented access to valuable insights and knowledge derived from project data. What sets Ask Ada apart is its reliance on the private Azure OpenAI environment, ensuring a secure configuration that prioritizes the confidentiality and privacy of our customers.  

October 2023

Explore the new Bizagi OpenAI Connector

In the past year, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has taken the business world by storm, becoming an integral part of every organization's journey towards digital success. AI empowers companies to harness invaluable insights, identify emerging trends, and drive data-informed decision-making. That's why we're thrilled to introduce our ready-to-use connector designed exclusively for our customers. 

In this live session, you will learn about Bizagi´s OpenAI connector (available in the Connector Xchange) and how to use it to deliver value for your business. 

September 2023

Reduce testing time with Bizagi Auto testing

In this session, we will present Bizagi's Auto testing tool. This tool is specifically designed to streamline test execution, optimize resource utilization, and slash time requirements. As a crucial part of process automation, rigorous test cycles are necessary to ensure the smooth performance of various process pathways. Discover how our tool simplifies this critical aspect of automation. 

August 2023

Empower your Apps with Business intelligence with Bizagi

In this session, we will highlight how business intelligence allows managers and knowledge workers to access dynamic dashboards from external reporting tools. One of the most significant benefits of Bizagi Apps is the capability to surface valuable insights and provide meaningful information to enhance decisions using business intelligence tools like Power BI.  

July 2023

New Methodology to Create Apps with Bizagi

In this session, we will explore the new methodology developed by Bizagi to create Modern Apps Powered by Process. Bizagi Apps is the easiest way to create robust enterprise apps with built-in governance. New features have been included in the platform with the release of the latest version Bizagi Spring 2023. To take full advantage of this version, we must also learn the steps suggested by our new methodology to accelerate the building of applications. 

June 2023

Bizagi Spring 2023- deep view of App Designer and App Launcher

In this session, we will explore the step number 2. The Bizagi App Designer is a web-based UI/UX configuration environment that allows you to create an app from scratch or customize a base Bizagi app generated by the Experience Matrix. From the App Designer, you can create as many personalized and customized experiences for different users in your application and then publish and organize them in the App Launcher. 

May 2023

Bizagi Spring 2023 - Deep view of Experience Matrix

In this session, we'll take a deep view of one of the latest Bizagi features called Experience Matrix. The Bizagi Experience Matrix solves the issue of understanding complex enterprise applications. It provides just the right amount of information for both Business and IT areas in a single view. We will explore how to add and modify, Persona, Business Objects, Interactions, and reports within the Matrix.  

April 2023

Bizagi Look into our Spring Release 2023

In this session, we'll introduce you to Bizagi Apps, a revolutionary new capability within our cloud platform that empowers organizations to create customized applications tailored to the needs of the modern enterprise. With Bizagi Apps, you'll enjoy the best of both worlds: rapid low-code enterprise apps, coupled with robust automated processes that form the backbone of your operations. 

March 2023

Prioritize your work in Bizagi Work Portal

Organizations and employees must constantly look for ways to be much more efficient in their daily tasks to respond to the continually changing needs of the market. Providing employees with tools to manage better and handle their tasks should be a priority. Learn about the different options available to organize the tasks assigned to a user in the Bizagi Work Portal.

February 2023

Bizagi Integration Best Practices Roundup

Modern applications should be hosted in the cloud and promote a flexible and agile environment to adapt to changing business requirements. To achieve this, powerful and intuitive platforms must be used to orchestrate multiple systems within a single application. Learn tips and tricks to improve the integrations within your projects. 

November 2022

Increase efficiency in your projects by enabling reusability

One of the significant advantages of automating processes in Bizagi is the platform’s rapid value delivery and the ability to create applications in a very agile way.  

Bizagi is an entirely robust platform that offers different options and elements that can be reused in various business situations. Specific tips and best practices reduce development time considerably in projects. Learn how different elements can be reused throughout a project and how this reuse is key to being more efficient. 

October 2022

Customize and extend forms functionality with Bizagi´s Widgets

Bizagi offers several Widgets for business situations where more advanced elements are required. These Widgets are ready to use, but it is possible to modify existing Widgets or even create a new Widget from scratch. Learn some of the advantages and benefits that using Widgets to customize process forms brings to projects. 

September 2022

Tips and Tricks to use the Excel Connector in your projects

Learn practical tips and tricks to get the most out of the Excel Native Connector. Discover how this connector allows organizations to quickly and easily integrate all their existing logic in these files to build even faster and more robust applications. 

August 2022

Leverage process data to optimize operations – Mining feeding Simulation

Learn how you can use our new Bizagi Modeler 4.0 to run Simulations using data collected from Process Mining. In this session, you will learn the benefits of Process Mining, Process Simulation, and how to combine the two features to understand your operations even better.

July 2022

Bizagi Spring 2022 – Automate Case Creation from Emails

Learn one of the new features of the Bizagi Spring 2022 version. As part of Bizagi’s new rapid value delivery strategy to deliver maximum value and optimal user experience, we have developed a way to automatically create new cases based on the content of emails.

June 2022

Bizagi Spring 2022 – How to Share a Process to Live Processes

Learn one of the new features of the Bizagi Spring 2022 version, the option to share processes to Live Processes, taking them to the next level and allowing Citizen Developers to automate more complex processes with no-code options. 

May 2022

Bizagi Spring 2022 – Bizagi Studio for Citizen Developers

Learn one of the new features of the Bizagi Spring 2022 version, a simplified and customized user interface for those business users with a lot of experience and knowledge of the business; inside Studio Cloud Services.

April 2022

Enhance your Integration Capabilities with Bizagi's Connectors

Learn the benefits of Bizagi's connectors, the different types available, and how to use existing connectors and create new ones to add to your processes. 

March 2022

Define, Generate and Customize Documents with Bizagi

Learn the advantages of Bizagi's Document Templates to generate and customize different types of documents required in business processes. 

February 2022

Speed up your Digital Transformation with Bizagi's Process Accelerators

Learn how Process Accelerators, that are fully automated and ready to use, can be used across industries and companies to accelerate your Digital Transformation. 

November 2021

Understand your processes better with Bizagi Process Mining

Learn how Bizagi Process Mining is a great way to tackle today’s challenges as it allows business leaders to understand their operations better and keep a constant improvement environment by knowing the current state of business processes. 

October 2021

Designing Custom Reports with Business Insights and Runtime Entities

Learn how Bizagi Runtime Entities and Business Insight provides flexibility in your project to customize and create real-time reports.

September 2021

Creating a Case Management App with Bizagi

Learn how Bizagi helps you to control and automate different type of processes. Experience-Centric processes are one of the options that you can manage with the flexibility of our platform, binding together structured and unstructured processes under the same case.

August 2021

Bizagi Best Practices and Tips Roundup

Learn some of the most relevant and helpful best practices and tips from the Bizagi Platform that will allow you to take your projects to the next level.

July 2021

Build your single point of Operational Truth with Bizagi Modeler

Learn how Bizagi's Process Library and Value Chain diagrams enable companies to, ensure consistent communication and a clear understanding over the whole organization

June 2021

Bizagi Feature Roundup

After an extraordinary effort from many people internally in Bizagi, we are delighted to present our latest version. The version includes tons of unique new features and improvements that will allow you to orchestrate people, systems, and bots, focus on your customers, and maximize your ROI in a faster way, all of that from a flexible and agile cloud environment.

May 2021

Democratizing reporting for Citizen Developers

Learn how some of Bizagi´s features allow you to create and consume reports in a simple way; simultaneously, it helps you to empower, grow, and expand your Citizen Developer program.

April 2021

Build your digital transformation foundation with Intelligent Enterprise Orchestration

Learn how you can achieve long-term success aligned with strategic objectives with Intelligent Enterprise Orchestration

March 2021

Empower your Citizen Developers to accelerate the digital transformation journey

Learn how Bizagi's Live Processes can help you to empower your Citizen Developers, create simple processes and forms more manageable than ever before – all from within the browser interface.

February 2021

Process Simulation 101: Insights into creating successful automated workflow simulations

Learn how Simulation is the best tool to understand better your business safely and efficiently.