What is Business Process Management (BPM)?

Business process management (BPM) is the mapping and analysis of business processes to identify areas for improvement. Using BPM to optimize processes allows organizations to eliminate time consuming and repetitive tasks, improve employee efficiency, reduce time to market and provide a better customer experience.

The Business Process Management Lifecycle

1. Design
Identify which process requires improvement and define the steps needed to achieve the outcome.

2. Model
Map out the current (‘as is’) process and design the improved (‘to-be’) version.

3. Execute
Implement the redesigned process.

4. Monitor
Track the performance of the new process to measure whether the improvements are achieving the expected results.

5. Optimize
Look for ways to improve the process further – the aim of business process management is to continually find ways to improve business processes and enable the organization to work smarter.

Why choose Bizagi for BPM?

Bizagi makes mapping business processes simple. Our intuitive drag and drop interface allows you to easily visualize processes to find better ways of working across the organization.

I just finished modelling my first BPM process with @bizagi, this software helps me see business differently.”

Braveryjuana (@Braveryjuana)

Interested in free online BPM software training?

Visit our elearning site to take a series of online courses to develop your skills in business process modeling, essentials of process automation, integration and development and BPM administration and operation.

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