3 Bizagi Features to Boost Your Process Optimization Strategy


This blog is about a Bizagi product announcement from 2019. All information was accurate at the time of publication.

Process optimization is no longer just about keeping your organization productive and cost-efficient. It’s essential to keep your business operations agile enough to respond to the ever-changing demands of your customers and gain a competitive edge against rival companies.

In the latest release of your favorite process modeling software, Bizagi Modeler 3.5 has made features that were previously exclusive to the Enterprise offering available to Workgroup subscribers. So best in class capabilities for process modeling teams are now available for Workgroup users to help take your process optimization to the next level. The following features are now available in Bizagi Modeler 3.5:

Advanced Search

Advanced users require advanced functionalities. Successful digital transformation initiatives need to have a central process repository, as having your process diagrams scattered all over the organization in different platforms comes with a huge overhead cost. But it’s not enough to for employees to just see their processes and procedures in one place, they need to be able to effectively search within the processes and easily find what they’re looking for.

Now Workgroup users can find processes that have been shared to them by typing values into the search field of the web application. The application drills down the search on process names, elements and documentation properties to find processes with ease.

Advanced search.png

Revision History

Continuous improvement initiatives can be challenging when there’s no systematic control for each process diagram. It’s important to keep track of each version created, especially when process amends could hinder the ability to achieve compliance and governance standards. 

Now, Workgroup users can keep track of the changes made to each process by creating or restoring revisions. Additionally, editors can review each version by navigating its entire documentation, with the option to restore old versions to the current draft version, or publish it so that it appears in ‘My Process’ view.

revision history.png

Value Chain

The changing competitive environment means that process optimization is no longer just applicable to core processes. Now the whole value chain needs to be optimized if you want to find ways to gain a competitive advantage. Having a single view of the corporate value chain makes it easy to identify bottlenecks, and processes with room for improvement while giving an overview of how your organization can deliver value to the market.  

Workgroup users can now diagram their corporate value chain and analyze every step required to create core products or services. This helps identify how to increase the efficiency of their chain and create a competitive advantage. Users can also leverage this feature as a navigation tool to walk through the process hierarchy. 

Value Chain.png

These best in class features are just one click away. Ready to start? Download Bizagi Modeler 3.5 and upgrade to a Workgroup plan and find out more about the powerful new features of version 3.5 in the release notes.