• NRF – Dutch Radiator Factory
  • NRF – Dutch Radiator Factory
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  • Netherlands


reduction of lead time to complete an order


digitization of product workflow


Total Productive Maintenance of machinery

An outdated and complex ERP system, along with other systems in NRF’s tech stack did not work well together, leaving gaps which slowed down work and limited visibility resulting in many tasks being carried out manually. There were too many inefficiencies in end-to-end processes, including customer orders and product development.

Working with implementation partner Nimble Institute, all operations were integrated through Bizagi, reducing the lead time for executing an order by 50%. The large flow of the products can now be carried out completely digitally, resulting in a 100% reduction of labour. All communication now goes through the Bizagi platform, improving efficiency and customer experience.
In addition to the administrative tasks automated through Bizagi, TPM technology (Total Productive Maintenance) has also been added to the platform, automatically triggering reminders and directions to employees for periodic maintenance tasks. 


  • Connect ERP with other systems in NRF tech stack
  • Eliminate manual admin work caused by gaps in system
  • Increase efficiency of sales cycle
  • Orchestrate plethora of legacy systems
  • Facilitate secure, transparent customer communication


  • Halved the lead time to complete an order 
  • 100% digitization of product workflow, freeing up employees
  • Fully integrated tech stack, eliminating manual tasks
  • Centralized platform for customer communication and approvals
  • Centralized overview of operations for management
  • Total Productive Maintenance of machinery with automated reminders