What Can Bizagi’s Low-Code Automation Platform Do for You?

Accelerate innovation

Bizagi’s low-code automation solution can help you map out and optimize processes across your organization to better manage employee caseloads by orchestrating AI, RPA, and other technologies.


Develop & deploy applications fast

Connect both your business and IT teams by leveraging process diagrams, pre-made templates, and ready to use integrations to build and modify applications quickly to respond to changes in the market and meet customer needs.

Reduce development costs

Faster development means lower costs and as low-code platforms allow users without coding experience to build applications, business users can create applications that meet business needs without having to need to hire developers with specialist coding skills.

Integrate with emerging technologies

Integrate and expand Bizagi’s capabilities by using our ready-to-use connectors to take advantage of intelligent technologies, including AI, OCR and RPA.

Build Workflows That Can Help Your Enterprise Automate...

Employee and customer onboarding

Claims processes

Policy Administration

Purchase orders, vacation requests, and other back-office task

Contract scoring, reviews, approvals, and renewals

Supply chain & logistics processes

Quality management

Asset provisioning

Help desk

Case Studies

European Social Housing Corporation.png

One of the largest banks in the US deploys Bizagi & RPA to reduce customer onboarding time by 85%.

Largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe transforms supply chain across 400 factories to improve operational efficiency by 60%.

Deutsche Post DHL Group

The world’s leading logistics company deploys Bizagi globally for 280,000 users to drive automation orchestration from end-to-end

Orchestrate business processes across your enterprise

Certified, Trusted, and Built to Meet the Toughest Compliance Standards