Transform Vendor Management


Streamline supplier selection and onboarding processes

Manage RFPs, contract negotiations and onboarding new vendors by creating workflows that speed up review processes, automate next steps and create a clear audit trail.

Ensure compliance with automated reminders

Keep your operations up-to-date with regulations and policy changes with agile process applications that build compliance into day-to-day operations.

Monitor service level performance objectives

Gain visibility into processes and vendor data to measure how well suppliers are meeting your requirements and their contractual obligations, such as on-time delivery and quality.

Increase visibility, accountability and standardization

Track the status of vendor management cases and pinpoint who tasks are sitting with to reduce bottlenecks and speed up approvals.

Delivering Results Across Vendor Management

50% reduction in factory onboarding time

320,000 global users access VDM portal

Supplier portal used by over 400 global suppliers

Vendor Master Data Management at DHL


The Strategic Guide to Supply Chain Automation for Manufacturing & Retail

Gain insight into streamlining operations and improving customer experience and profitability.

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