Analyst Report

Gartner Predicts 2024: Supply Chain Technology

Transform Product and Pricing Management

Accelerate pricing changes and approvals

Compile market data and production costs to determine pricing strategy and manage faster approval workflows for pricing changes.

Manage product data throughout the lifecycle

Orchestrate key processes when bringing new products to market through to end of life, ensuring all the necessary steps are taken at the right time.

Reduce manual data entry and save time with automation

Create process applications that integrate systems through the end-to-end process, reducing the need for manual data entry leading to fewer errors.


Automation for Product Lifecycle Management with Bunzl

Discover the challenges of supply chain management and the opportunities to solve them using digital process automation.

Delivering results across product and pricing management

50% reduction on pricing approval cycle time

4,000 product lifecycle cases processed a month


The Strategic Guide to Supply Chain Automation for Manufacturing & Retail

Gain insight into streamlining operations and improving customer experience and profitability.

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