Process Analysts

Analyze business scenarios to provide process designs that fulfill business requirements. Not only do they lead and encourage group discussions when defining processes, they also predict how their improvement initiatives will impact your business. Both their process designs and high quality documentation engage and align business and IT people from the start as Bizagi models are easy to visualize, understand and modify using the BPMN standard.

Process Automation Professionals

Turn your process models into running applications, web applications that allow you to easily adapt your processes to your business. They will achieve results fast using Bizagi Studio and following just a few steps to create user-friendly interfaces, handle flexible business rules, optimize workloads and gain total control over processes. They automate your processes: the process is the application.

Bizagi Developers

Link Bizagi applications with your IT assets using our powerful integration layer, i.e. our SOA-based engine. They connect your processes to SAP, Documentum, SharePoint, Outlook or any other existing application to exchange and modify business information across your organization at lightning speed. Furthermore, they can extend and customize Bizagi application features by developing additional components.

Bizagi Administrators

Manage your applications delivered to the desktops and mobiles of every business user. The Bizagi BPM Suite platform is capable of handling mission-critical high performance BPM projects spanning thousands of users and millions of cases. BPM Administrators monitor your applications to anticipate problems and manage risks. Also, they will diagnosis and solve any possible issue to ensure consistent performance.

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