Business processes are often heavily reliant on the data held within a variety of documents. It is essential that the data can be processed, stored and shared efficiently. Bizagi’s process automation platform integrates out-of-the-box to the leading technologies that provide document management and processing capabilities. With this functionality you can make your process applications more efficient and intelligent. 

Invoices, contracts and emails are just a few examples of the types of documents that typically require human effort to extract valuable business data from them. This need for human intervention increases processing time and the risk of errors as well as  taking their focus away from higher value tasks. Intelligent Document Processing can change that.


Bizagi's IDP Partners

Technology Partner

ABBYY delivers access to real-time data about how organizations’ processes are currently working and the content that drives them.   

Pairing ABBYY’s intelligent document processing capabilities with Bizagi allows businesses to turn unstructured data within documents into structured data ready for process automation.

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Technology Partner

Microsoft Azure’s Form Recognizer allows organizations to easily extract and analyze data to create value in business processes.  

The software uses advanced machine learning technology to extract data from documents for integration with business processes using one of three extraction models - layout API, pre-built models, and custom models.

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Technology Partner

The Hyperscience Platform turns unstructured content into structured, actionable data, reducing errors and costs and improving decision making.

Paired with Bizagi’s intelligent process automation platform, the Hyperscience integration delivers a seamless, user-friendly case management solution that automates dynamic processes from input to actionable data.

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What is Intelligent Document Processing?

Intelligent Document Processing combines Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Artificial Intelligence technologies such as Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and deep learning to extract information from unstructured or semi-structured documents and turn it into searchable, structured data.

How does Intelligent Document Processing work?


1. Document Classification

The software identifies the type of document being processed.

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2. Data Extraction

All relevant data is extracted from the document.


3. Data Output

The data extracted is passed to external applications and used to help inform business decisions.

How can Intelligent Document Processing benefit your business?

Faster and more accurate data processing
Automating data entry is quicker and less prone to errors than typing it out manually.

Increased productivity
Eliminating time-consuming manual data entry tasks from employee workloads allows them to concentrate on higher-value activities.

Improved customer experience
Employees can access and search the customer data needed to process requests and solve issues quickly irrespective of the input channel, speeding up response times and increasing satisfaction and retention.

Reduced costs
Minimizing the human effort involved in document processing reduces staff costs and storing data digitally also reduces document printing, shipping, and storage costs.

Enhanced data security
Storing data in digital formats protects it from loss, damage, or destruction as well as offering more secure access management minimizing the risk of data breaches.  

The role of AI in Intelligent Document Processing

AI technologies can process any document regardless of format or complexity and as AI models are continuously learning from human input the accuracy of the data extracted continues to improve over time.

Intelligent Document Processing Use Cases

Invoice Processing

Delays between invoice receipt and payment can lead to late payment fines and have a negative impact on supplier relationships. These delays can also make it difficult for a business to monitor cash flow. IDP can speed up processing time ensuring suppliers are paid promptly and businesses manage outgoings effectively.

Customer Onboarding

A lengthy onboarding process can result in lost or unsatisfied customers. IDP can process multiple document formats from the growing number of communication channels used to interact with businesses efficiently enabling a more streamlined onboarding journey and more satisfied customers.

Fraud Detection

Cases of fraud can be detrimental to business reputation and incur hefty fines. IDP can speed up the authentication process and identify risks before they become a threat, protecting customer data and business revenue.