Bizagi makes it easy to add process related content to your corporate document management system. Upload document scans, emails, social media - all the valuable non-structured data generated by your processes in a single click.


How does ECM integration work?


Bizagi BPMS uses the Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) 1.0 standard to connect to Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems.

The standard defines the generic set of Web Services that expose the ECM capabilities and handle the metadata. This way Bizagi processes can seamlessly access documents in all ECMs supporting CMIS 1.0 including:






Using CMIS 1.0 standards, all Bizagi process models are instantly stored in your ECM.

Benefits of Bizagi & ECM integration

Increased productivity

Save time searching for the information needed to make decisions and achieve results.

Better data security

Store documents securely, monitor activity and manage user permissions.

Increased collaboration

Users across the organization can access and edit documents in a centralized repository.

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