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Multi-national beverage company Super Bock Group embarked on a transformational automation journey to optimize processes across the business for users in client support and finance operations.  

They needed to integrate their technology ecosystem, as gaps between systems, particularly SAP and its internal data repository were causing inefficiencies, such as unknown statuses of deliveries in the field, lack of ownership of tasks and cumbersome handling of finance documents.

Super Bock Group has successfully deployed Bizagi to act as an integrator between its disparate systems, enabling connectivity and visibility. The new mobile capabilities introduced by Bizagi have significantly improved client support processes, as carriers can now provide mobile updates for real time updates on deliveries. Additionally, the purchase request approval process is entirely mobile to enable fast responses. Bizagi is also used to handle exceptions in the invoice processes, increasing supplier satisfaction and reducing the time it takes to make a payment.  

The ability to customize different screens according to the equipment’s resolution and the push notifications functionality on mobile applications were undoubtably an added value to users.

Luis Oscar Barreiros,

Senior Intelligent Automation Consultant, WeMake


  • Integrate technology ecosystem
  • Bring agility to ERP system, SAP
  • Communicate with external users in the field
  • Respond faster to customer support requests
  • Process invoices and financial documents more efficiently
  • Present data in structured, customized way to users


  • Disparate systems united through Bizagi platform
  • Purchase request approval process entirely mobile for accelerated response times
  • Real-time updates enable faster response time to customer support
  • Carriers in the field enabled by mobile updates for improved accuracy of delivery status
  • Business rules set around SAP for data integration and to handle exceptions
  • Customized dashboards enabled by Bizagi & PowerBI for clear view of responsibilities and overdue tasks
  • 190 new cases created per month in Bizagi
  • Over 37 processes in production