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  • Global Consumer Goods Manufacturer
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cost reduction in building new workflows


savings in eight months


faster delivery times

This global consumer goods manufacturer was looking to make their business better, faster and more cost effective and create a company-wide standard for all process. They wanted to ensure quality across their large, global projects to deliver consistent results at affordable costs.

They created a Center of Excellence to help them quickly roll out processes using Bizagi. In the first eight months, the cost of building new workflows has decreased by 70% and the project is paying for itself in less than a year thanks to $800,000 savings from re-suable components and faster deployment times.

The return on investment has been phenomenal. The return from the value from the workflows for the business that we’ve deployed combined with cost avoidance has been more than double in what we’ve invested. So overall, it’s been really, really well worth it.”

Manager, BPM Center of Excellence


  • Create process factory to roll out sales and marketing processes with speed and ease
  • Continually improve business processes
  • Become more agile and speed up roll-out time for processes
  • Increase visibility across business
  • Save time and money across departments within the organization


  • Costs to build new workflows has decreased by more than 70%
  • 50% faster delivery times thanks to agile approach
  • $800,000 savings in eight months thanks to re-usable process components
  • Consistent and traceable processes help employees to be more efficient
  • The project has become revenue-generating and paid for itself in less than a year