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Many Spanish SMBs faced bankruptcy, affected by frozen credit lines following the global financial crisis. ICO, funded by the Spanish government, conceived the idea of the Financial Facilitator: an analytical credit application tool designed to get the cash flowing for hard-hit businesses. They needed to get it up and running fast because every day lost could lead to another SMB going bankrupt.

Bizagi and credit process experts, PwC, designed and delivered the complete solution in just eight weeks. Anytime, anywhere applications and workflows were made available via the customer portal, which supported over 140,000 applications in the first year of the Financial Facilitator’s operation.

ICO’s Financial Facilitator received a nationwide recognition at the launch and is still perceived as the most friendly and innovative online credit application platform for Spanish SMBs."


  • Create a customer-centric, online credit application in just two months
  • Leverage processes to ensure timely and accurate submission of credit applications
  • Automate the credit analysis and evaluation processes and workflows
  • Provide a robust service with ability for easy modification and expansion
  • Collaborate closely with credit process experts to embed expertise into the tool
  • Raise national awareness of the scheme


  • In just eight weeks, the Financial Facilitator was open for business
  • Over 80,000 applications were made in the first 6 months; 140,000 in the first year
  • Major Spanish financial entities participated, including BBVA and Santander
  • Anytime, anywhere applications and workflows via the customer portal
  • Applications arrive via portal pre-approved, improving efficiency for major financial entities
  • Real-time KPIs provide tracking and reporting for better decision making