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October 2021

Designing Custom Reports with Business Insights and Runtime Entities

Learn how Bizagi Runtime Entities and Business Insight provides flexibility in your project to customize and create real-time reports.

September 2021

Creating a Case Management App with Bizagi

Learn how Bizagi helps you to control and automate different type of processes. Experience-Centric processes are one of the options that you can manage with the flexibility of our platform, binding together structured and unstructured processes under the same case.

August 2021

Bizagi Best Practices and Tips Roundup

Learn some of the most relevant and helpful best practices and tips from the Bizagi Platform that will allow you to take your projects to the next level.

July 2021

Build your single point of Operational Truth with Bizagi Modeler

Learn how Bizagi's Process Library and Value Chain diagrams enable companies to, ensure consistent communication and a clear understanding over the whole organization

June 2021

Bizagi Feature Roundup

Discover in this session the new features and unique enhancements included in the latest version of Bizagi that will allow you to orchestrate people, systems, and bots, focus on your customers, and maximize your ROI faster, all from a flexible and agile cloud environment.

May 2021

Democratizing reporting for Citizen Developers

Learn how some of Bizagi´s features allow you to create and consume reports in a simple way; simultaneously, it helps you to empower, grow, and expand your Citizen Developer program.

April 2021

Build your digital transformation foundation with Intelligent Enterprise Orchestration

Learn how you can achieve long-term success aligned with strategic objectives with Intelligent Enterprise Orchestration

March 2021

Empower your Citizen Developers to accelerate the digital transformation journey

Learn how Bizagi's Live Processes can help you to empower your Citizen Developers, create simple processes and forms more manageable than ever before – all from within the browser interface.

February 2021

Process Simulation 101: Insights into creating successful automated workflow simulations

Learn how Simulation is the best tool to understand better your business safely and efficiently.