The Widest of the Deep: Bizagi Named a Leader by Forrester

The Widest of the Deep: Bizagi Named a Leader by Forrester

Any organization undergoing digital transformation will know what a challenge it is to go deep by handling complex, long-running processes. Combine this with the challenge of deploying and providing good governance for thousands of more simple processes and you will find you need a solution that can deliver automation that is both deep (complex) and wide (simple) in order to drive enterprise-wide digital transformation. 

We are proud to have not only been named a leader in The Forrester Wave: Software for Digital Process Automation (DPA) for Deep Deployments, but also recognized as the widest of the deep. The report states, “Bizagi balances deep DPA functionality with a platform designed to go wide.” That’s exactly what we are helping our customers to do.

You can read The Forrester Wave: Software for Digital Process Automation for Deep Deployments, Q2 2019 here.


Do more, faster, better, stronger…

Ultimately, we help organizations to transform quicker into intelligent digital businesses. Many of the companies we speak to have got stuck when trying to change and would have done so by now if not for the complexity of their existing processes, or silos of teams and data residing within their company.

Helping unlock inertia is our specialty. We do that by enabling business and IT to collaborate more effectively. Often, they are not quite on the same page. Why? Because the business doesn’t fully understand how technology can help to solve the more complex use cases, while IT doesn’t always understand the vision. So, this is typically when businesses reach an impasse.

Fortunately, unpicking this situation is easy when you give your project team a solution to help map the desired future state using the language of process which both business and IT can understand. This allows organizations to move fast, iterate, and learn as they go: much like a smaller, more agile start-up might approach a new market opportunity. This ability to deploy comprehensive processes at speed only further endorses our position as a deep DPA leader.


Enterprise-wide process automation

Increasingly organizations are making an investment in ‘Intelligent Process Automation’, which is the convergence of Digital Process Automation, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence. Of those that have invested, most start with RPA, as it quickly addresses task-level automation which is where many businesses are feeling the greatest pain today. However, on its own RPA is not the complete process automation solution.

Orchestrating your entire organization with DPA is key to creating the transparency needed and coordinating a set of integrated robots, people and data to handle the integrations and complexities every organization has. Furthermore, the role of DPA as a global orchestrator of your environment helps future-proof the organization, even if you’re not clear what the future looks like yet. It’s far easier to integrate new technologies once you have a process framework set.


Consistent customer service every time

Ultimately, all this process automation will help organizations to do an exceptional job of attracting and retaining more customers every day. Across all industries, it’s expected that your service will be seamless, always-on, and most importantly, intelligent.

Whether it’s a human or robot-driven interaction, your brand must recognize the client’s circumstances and offer the most appropriate product or service at that moment. Failure to do this will see more nimble competitors win out and ultimately erode your customer base.

This is where Bizagi come in. We’ve been championing the customer, or more specifically your customer, since our inception and we continue to invest in our platform to ensure you can take advantage of deploying the latest technology that is both wide and deep.

So there you have it. If you are serious about driving change within your organization then you should read the DPA report.

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We’ve helped many organizations around the world successfully transform, we would love the opportunity to help you. If you are interested to know more, please contact us.