What Everybody Should Know About AI and Bizagi

Artificial intelligence has made a big splash in 2023, but in truth, the story has barely begun. 

We put this article together to summarise what Bizagi can do with AI, and the kind of innovations you can expect from us in the future.


Who is Ada?

Ada is your AI assistant in Bizagi Apps. She uses generative AI Large Language Model (LLM) to provide conversational analytics that help you interact with your business data.

This means you can ask her to help you out when you’re using the enterprise apps that you’ve built on our platform. She can pull out specific data sets, or even whip up charts and diagrams to help you visualize your data, making it easier to write reports and identify trends and patterns.  And, what’s even better is that you can take appropriate actions directly from those results. 


Why did we build Ada?

The past few years have seen software that supports developer productivity come on leaps and bounds thanks to the low-code movement. But we figured, why should developers have all the AI fun? We set out to develop an AI assistant that would deliver value to end-users in the business, right inside the applications created using Bizagi.  

So, the people who will see real benefits from Ada are the end users of your app: knowledge workers, managers, and case workers. These people can now ask Ada to provide information and analytics based on data within your app.

This will improve your team’s decision-making by unlocking insights from your business data, and ultimately improve customer service by being able to take immediate actions on data from the app. 


What makes Ada different from other AI tools?

You don’t need to worry about setting Ada up. Ada is trained on Bizagi’s data structure and can put business analytics in your user’s hands from day one. Just click ‘Ask Ada’ in Bizagi Apps and tell her what you'd like to know. 

The thing that really makes Ada stand out is her governance and data security. Strict advanced governance and scoping is available, so you can enforce who has access to ask Ada about what information. 

Additionally, unlike many GenAI tools that are currently flooding the market, Ada does not share information with the underlying LLM (Large Language Model). Ada operates on Azure’s Private OpenAI GPT service, so no private data is exposed to the OpenAI service. This means you don’t need to worry about intellectual property or personally identifiable information leaving your organization or entering the public domain. 

How else can Bizagi leverage AI technology?

Ada is only the beginning of our AI capabilities. Bizagi also has integration connectors to some of the most popular AI services.

Detect languages, sentiment, personally identifiable information (PII), entities, key phrases, and topics in unstructured documents and text with: 

•    Azure Cognitive Services Text Analytics (now part of Azure AI Services) Connector
•    Azure Cognitive Services Translator (now part of Azure AI Services) Connector
•    AWS Comprehend Connector

Analyze, read embedded text or labels, detect, compare & recognize faces, and categorize or tag a variety of images with:
•    Azure AI Vision (formerly Microsoft Computer Vision) Connector
•    AWS Rekognition Connector

As well as, generative AI capabilities to create chat interactions, document generation, image generation, or text completion with:
•    OpenAI Connector


What is Bizagi’s broader AI strategy?

We’re always looking to the future here at Bizagi, so keep an eye out for our upcoming innovations and releases that will focus on the three tenants of our AI strategy:

Focus on AI delivering business value first and foremost: Just like with Ada, we are continuing to prioritize business value to help end users to drive agility throughout their organization. The last 6 – 10 years of the low-code movement have solely focused on developer productivity. Bizagi is going to put its effort where its name is… Business Agility.

Ensure AI governance, security, and privacy: Bizagi will provide advanced, built-in governance for all AI stakeholders to ensure sensitive data always stays private and secure.

Explore AI innovations for a variety of capabilities: As AI becomes more commonplace, we want to look beyond the obvious offerings and work out how we can best serve our users with this innovative technology. 


Join our upcoming webinar with IDC and Bizagi on November 9, Beyond ChatGPT: Delivering Real Business Value to discuss how to use the capabilities of GenAI technologies to drive real business efficiencies, improve customer experience and free employees to be more effective and creative