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decrease in purchasing process approval times


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Consumer goods enterprise, Quala, was looking for a user-friendly, reliable and agile automation platform to implement processes and meet international standards across 10 countries. This would help solve challenges in the finance and marketing departments where they needed to improve transparency, process standardization and compliance.

Bizagi’s low-code solution created an omnichannel platform experience for Quala’s multi-country, multi-company program. The secure and easy-to-use solution helped to ensure compliance while unifying processes to increase the productivity of employees. The purchasing process in particular saw excellent results, with an 80% decrease in approval time and the stable platform reliably capturing 100% of all new opportunities since implementation.

Quala implemented 10 corporate processes, for 10 countries in 10 months"

David Enrique Moreno Pérez,

IT Director


  • Create a clear roadmap for process design
  • Meet international standards to ensure compliance
  • Establish a multiplatform, multidevice, multicountry solution to increase employee productivity
  • Allow agile implemetiation of processes
  • Digitize approval process for compliance and efficiency
  • Unify and stabilize purchasing processes, currently conducted using eight separate tools
  • Streamline customer promotion process in marketing


  • Established process design and agile automation program
  • Bizagi deployed as single platform and process orchestrator
  • More than 8000 cases approved over email
  • 40 minute reduction in registration times per case
  • 80% reduction of purchase approval times to two hours on average
  • Elimination of lost purchasing opportunities
  • 25% increase in requests for consumer promotion