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faster quotation lead time


time saving on data entry

Swisslog Healthcare’s growth through acquisitions led to fragmented processes and IT systems, with sales reps having to navigating multiple touchpoints and systems. This meant 60% of their time was spent on non-business value add tasks, with the risk of mistakes and losing focus on deals and customers. There was an average lead time of 42 days to send quotes to customers already in their database. 

With the help of implemetiation partner Nimble Institution, Swisslog Healthcare created an Inside Sales team to better serve the customers. Supported by process automation, the concept was rolled out across EMEA. Calculation models are now centrally managed for a reduced risk of errors, while system integration has reduced data entry time by 30%. This centralized approach contributed to a 50% decrease in lead time for quotations by reducing waste and unnecessary handovers.

The Bizagi Sales Automation software allowed us to automate routine tasks, resulting in faster response times for customers and a more controlled workload in my team"

Swisslog Healthcare


  • Established central system for transparency
  • Integrate fragmented systems and applications
  • Create standardized sales process
  • Bring transparency to sales process
  • Speed up quotation lead time, currently taking 42 days
  • Eliminate risk of errors from manual data entry


  •  50% faster quotation lead time
  •  30% time saving on data entry through process automation
  •  All sales operations managed through single Bizagi platform
  •  Complete integration with SAP, Salesforce and Navision CRM
  •  Inside Sales teams established with centralized calculations
  •  Realtime KPIs and process monitoring