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Bizagi applications in production


Tableau dashboards

Custom integrations with Salesforce, Azure AD and Symphony

Insight Investment, an award-winning global asset management company, develops highly bespoke investment solutions for its institutional clients. Due to the sophisticated nature of its business, Insight wanted to optimise transparency around its end-to-end business processes and facilitate process improvements, while maintaining a strong control environment. 

Insight created a multi-skilled and dual-location process engineering team, with a remit to discover, document and digitize business processes. Bizagi Modeler was used to map business processes. An onshore/offshore development team was established to build automation solutions in an agile and iterative manner. Tableau dashboards were built to visualize the data stored in Bizagi applications, facilitating process management and providing a rich seam of data for further process improvement. 

The guiding principle for the team is to deliver continual, incremental improvements, and Bizagi lends itself to this. Bizagi provides a foundation layer that orchestrates processes end to end, ensuring reliability in ’hand-offs‘ between teams. On top of this foundation, the team is building effective process visualizations using Tableau. 

Bizagi is the foundation, reducing operational risk by guiding staff through complex processes and handing off work reliably. Visualization of Bizagi data using Tableau enables improved process management. Digitalization extensions (e.g. Robotics, Document processing) will enable further efficiency improvements.”

Ian MacLeod

Head of Process Engineering, Insight Investment


  • Support continued business growth
  • Reduce reliance on institutional knowledge
  • Improve visibility of work items spanning many departments
  • Strengthen risk and control environment
  • Reduce cost and improve efficiency
  • Accelerate the ability to change


  • Multi-skilled, dual location center of excellence established
  • Governance Forum established to provide prioritization and oversight
  • Application pipeline scored using weighted shortest job first (WSJF) principles
  • Agile and iterative development methodology followed
  • Portfolio of 20 applications delivered spanning multiple distinct user groups
  • Tableau dashboards developed using ODS data to bring process data to life
  • Custom connectors developed to integrate Bizagi with key Insight systems
  • Horizontal process ownership now practical for the first time
  • Planning underway for next phase in process digitalization journey